Erica Heathcote

is a Brooklyn-based graphic
designer and cat-person. 

Life Remodeled

In Fall of 2020, we were given the opportunity to rebrand Life Remodeled, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing intentional and equitable opportunity for the people of Detroit. Based in Dexter-Linwood, Life Remodeled works to provide equitable opportunities to residents around Detroit whether that be education, wellness, or jobs. Our brand approach was to visualize the community in abstract and energetic ways through modular forms and strong language. 

To best serve the communities they work with, Life Remodeled’s brand needed to be guided by their goals. Communities that are made up of individuals, which are represented by the house mark—not only a symbol of hope, action, and direction, but a valuable piece of their previous identity that the audience was already familiar and comfortable with. 

Project in collaboration with Yasmin Ali, Will Callis, and Josh Krauth-Harding.