Erica Heathcote

is a Brooklyn-based graphic
designer and cat-person. 

Let’s Stay Neighbors

Neighbor to Neighbor is a project about people—friends, family, strangers, partners, children, elderly, neighbors—Detroiters. Foreclosure is a historical and abundant problem in Detroit, but there are resources to help aid this life-changing problem. Neighbor to Neighbor is one answer to that call, a property tax exemption initiative to raise awareness and ease the complicated process of this opportunity that could keep  people in their homes.

We worked with the Quicken Loans Community Fund (QLCF) to help keep people in their homes with a scalable, multi-channel approach. This publication is a case study that walks through the informative, sometimes frustrating, and always messy process of research and branding.

Publication in collaboration with Josh Krauth-Harding. The full Neighbor to Neighbor project was done in collaboration with Yasmin Ali, Will Callis, Tracee Hartley, Josh Krauth-Harding, Matt Nielsen, and Jigyasa Tuli.