Erica Heathcote

is a Brooklyn-based graphic
designer and cat-person. 


As we live our daily lives, it is difficult to see invisible systems at work & how they impact us. Until they begin to impact our ability to walk outside & breathe. This is what residents of 48217 are experiencing. Capitalism allows for “Wastelands” like 48217 to be created. In reality, capitalism does not work unless someone & someplace is dispensable. So instead of asking What can the residents do?  Pose the question, How can we fundamentally change the systems in which we live as a radical act against climate change?

The publication unpacks the relationship between zip code 48217 and the large corporations located there—primarily Marathon Oil. Photography is used as a way to document Marathon encroaching on the lives of residents. Allowing colored pieces of the images to peak through visualized the gradation of hope represented in the articles.