Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor
Neighbor to Neighbor is a project about people—friends, family, strangers, partners, children, elderly, neighbors—Detroiters. Foreclosure is a historical and abundant problem in Detroit, but there are resources to help aid this life-changing problem.

Neighbor to Neighbor is one answer to that call, a property tax exemption initiative to raise awareness and ease the complicated process of this opportunity that could keep these people, our neighbors, in their homes.

Myself and a group of seven other Communication Design students worked with the Quicken Loans Community Fund (QLCF) to keep these people in their homes with a scalable, multi-channel approach. 

Assets for Awareness:

Shopping bags & Flyers


Assets for Canvassers:

Canvasser ID Cards & Tape

Canvasser T-Shirt

Assets for Residents:

Full PTE Resident Kit

The Guide
PTE Application with Guide

Updated PTE Application

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