Irma Boom: Three Hundred Plus


Write a paper showcasing a designer (contemporary or historical) that you find inspiring. Include both biological information and your connection the the designer. Then design a publication for this paper, embodying the story you wrote about this designer.

Having followed Irma Boom’s work for a couple of years and becoming totally fascinated in the way she commanded the form of publication—I wrote a book about her massive body of work and designed a publication that emulated some of her tactics both in process and product.

During the layout of the book, I printed multiple miniature versions as a way to see the almost 300 page publication in full. I also introduced two systems—one that included the text and contextual imagery and another that included detail shots of her work with indexical information that is referenced on the cover. By creating prototypes I was able to pace the book and better understand Boom’s process.

Miniatures and prototypes give a holistic view of a publication in a way the screen will never provide. 

The Publication

One of Many Miniature Prototypes

Detroit, Mich.